Shetland Heat and Power at Energy4PowerLive 2015

SHEAP is the company formed to operate the Lerwick District Heating scheme. Lerwick is the capital of Shetland with a population of only 8000 but has one of the largest district heating networks in the UK with over 30km of mains and 1200 customers.

110 of these customers are non domestic which take 60% of the 35GWh demand. The scheme has been operating since 1998. The main source of heat is from an energy from waste plant. Other sources of heat are actively being pursued, principally from the renewable sector.

Currently a biomass plant and a wind turbine can feed into the system. It is hoped to have a 2MW heat pump abstracting heat from the sea installed in 2016.

Long term it is hoped to access heat from possibly a power station. hydrogen CHP, electric boilers for grid stabilisation, or more biomass and heat pumps along with a substantial increase of thermal storage.