Turning Waste Heat into Valuable ‘Free’ Energy

On tabletop 14, E J Bowman will be presenting examples of their range of heat exchangers designed to recover waste heat from engine based generating sets and convert it into a valuable ‘free’ energy source.

Established as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of shell and tube heat exchangers, Bowman provides a wide choice of heat recovery solutions, including exhaust gas heat exchangers, charge air coolers, header tank heat exchangers, plus oil and fuel coolers.

Bowman products can recover waste heat energy from every area of the generating set, helping to increase overall genset efficiency from around 30% (power only) to up to 90% (CHP).

During the conference, Bowman’s Engineering Manager, Dr Hezlin Ashraf-Ball will also be delivering a paper to further illustrate the benefits of recovering this valuable free energy resource.

Throughout the conference the Bowman team will be on hand to offer advice and discuss specific projects or requirements with conference visitors.