Andrew Whitehouse, Director of the Fuel Conditioning Division to be a guest speaker at GEN-SETLive

IPU’s Fuel Conditioning Division provides a complete range of products and services to detect and eradicate harmful diesel contamination. Using the latest testing and diagnostic techniques, IPU’s Fuel Conditioning experts can identify precise causes of fuel contamination and, drawing on their extensive experience in the field, recommend a fuel management programme suitable for any application.

Andrew Whitehouse, Director of the Fuel Conditioning Division will also be a guest speaker during GEN-SETLive. He will highlight the dangers of contaminated diesel, how it can void your engine warranty and what organisations can do to protect themselves and successfully store fuel.

IPU’s Engine Control Division (ECD) will also be exhibiting their wide range of electronic products and components for diesel and gas engines. IPU is partnered with world-leading controls manufacturers ComAp and GAC to deliver a portfolio of products which includes multi-engine load-sharing, power control solutions, generator controllers, mains protection and the latest remote control and monitoring systems.