Thank you to all who took part in 2016 and we looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd October 2017 !

ide Systems the Electrical Engineering Company to be on table 30

ide Systems is an Electrical Engineering Company and a widely recognised name in the design and manufacture of Electrical Distribution equipment. With over twenty years experience in the industry we have the knowledge and experience to create the most efficient solutions for a wide range of industries.

Apart from our range of standard products, most of the equipment we supply is bespoke and is designed and manufactured to meet a customer’s specific needs.

Edina the official UK and Ireland distributor for MWM gas engines on table 18 at Energy4PowerLive.

Edina is the official UK and Ireland distributor for MWM gas engines, world renowned for achieving maximum electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and servicing costs and high reliability and availability.

In addition to the supply, installation and maintenance of leading MWM gas engines, Edina provides a range of flexible energy solutions designed to meet customers’ Combined Heat and Power and Anaerobic Digestion project requirements.

Andrew Whitehouse, Director of the Fuel Conditioning Division to be a guest speaker at GEN-SETLive

IPU’s Fuel Conditioning Division provides a complete range of products and services to detect and eradicate harmful diesel contamination. Using the latest testing and diagnostic techniques, IPU’s Fuel Conditioning experts can identify precise causes of fuel contamination and, drawing on their extensive experience in the field, recommend a fuel management programme suitable for any application.

Turning Waste Heat into Valuable ‘Free’ Energy

On tabletop 14, E J Bowman will be presenting examples of their range of heat exchangers designed to recover waste heat from engine based generating sets and convert it into a valuable ‘free’ energy source.

Established as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of shell and tube heat exchangers, Bowman provides a wide choice of heat recovery solutions, including exhaust gas heat exchangers, charge air coolers, header tank heat exchangers, plus oil and fuel coolers.

London's most penetrating energy Conference of 2015

Tuesday, 17th November, 2015 - ENERGY4POWERLIVE at the London Hilton on Park Lane, London 17th November, 2015:


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